XF-Fun: #Creativity

Wir machen Fieldart

Project Details

  • Event Type : FieldArt
  • Was wir gemacht haben : FieldArt
  • Datum : 19.09.2018

Since we know our own names for glyphs, like slash for ‘Advance’ or chair for ‘Save’ or boomerang for ‘Easy’, our XF Zurich community has also interpreted the Glyph Challenge for ‘Creativity’ in our own way.

But first, and as always, when Res and Enl in Zurich pull out the scanners: the social part comes first! We started the Sunday of September 9 with a delicious brunch and many smiling faces in the beautiful autumn sun - chatting and meeting with old and new friends. After that very friendly get-together we drew our crossfaction creativity on the Intel.

#XFZurich #GlyphChallenge #Creativity

#morethanagame #IngressFamily